Avenues Of Communications


Being aware of your avenues of communication

You offer communications to yourself through many, many avenues, inwardly and outwardly. All of your outer senses are communication devices. They are mechanisms to provide you with information. All of your inner senses are also mechanisms to provide you with information, communications. Your emotions are communications. They are more obvious, for they also employ signals, feelings. The feeling that you experience in association with what you define as an emotion is a signal. That is signaling you that your telephone is ringing.

EmotionNow; identifying what the signal is in one word indicates to you what to be evaluating in association with what the communication is. Intuition, impressions, impulses, these are also avenues of communication. Your physical body consciousness also offers you communications. Your imagination is another avenue of communication. Imagination is not fantasy; it is real. Whatever you can imagine actually exists. It may not in your physical reality, but it exists. These are all avenues of communication. That is one factor which is important to pay attention to.

Remember, thought is NOT a communication. Thought is a translating mechanism. What you think is associated with where your attention is focused. It is translating some communications and where your attention is focused. That is the function of thought.

ActionAlso, paying attention to what you are actually doing is another significant factor. Therefore, you are paying attention to what you are communicating to yourself and you are also paying attention to what you are actually doing or what you are not doing, paying attention to whether your attention is being flexible or not, whether it continues to focus in specific directions that are actually generating obstacles or hindrances in association with what you are doing, figuratively speaking. If you continue to concentrate your attention upon a wall that exists before you, you merely continue to collide with it over and over again.

ImaginationThere are many factors to be aware of yourself and what you are actually doing. Many times individuals are not aware objectively of what they are doing until the point that they do actually generate some type of uncomfortable scenario or manifestation. But this is the point. That actually can be avoided if you are paying attention. This is not to say that you shall never again create an uncomfortable situation if you are genuinely paying attention. You may, but you may also choose to create an uncomfortable situation intentionally. That would be the difference, rather than creating an uncomfortable situation in association with ignoring or not paying attention.

In all of this, you have expressed many different situations which are occurring or potentially occurring but not actually occurring within your experience, in your world, in your environment. The significant element is to evaluate what actually IS occurring and what is not, what actually is being expressed in the now and what is being anticipated and is not actually occurring, or what you are speculating in relation to but is also not actually occurring, and being aware of what you are actually doing or not doing. For many times, what you are NOT doing is also a doing.

ImpressionNow; you are generating considerable churning in your energy in many different directions, which also creates somewhat of a scatteredness. For, it generates less clarity and more confusion if you are creating many different directions simultaneously but not actually focusing clearly upon any of them. That creates a considerable volume of communications that are expressing information to you that you are not generating clarity, that you are generating considerable scatteredness, that you are not focusing your attention. But you are not listening, and therefore, you create a physical manifestation. The ringing becomes a siren.

IntuitionIn all of this action, as you continue to generate that scatteredness and you continue to move your energy in many different directions simultaneously but not actually accomplishing what you want in any of them, for you are not directed enough in any of them that generates another automatic response of tension, which you may not actually even at times physically feel because it becomes so familiar that it is unnoticed. It becomes noticed if you generate actions that intentionally create a relaxation. Thusly, you begin to notice how much energy you have been holding in tension.

I may express to you, first of all, it may be quite beneficial for you to evaluate these different directions, and in that evaluation, view the importance, measure the importance of each scenario, of each situation. Subsequent to that action, allow yourself to evaluate the measure of value that you associate with each of these scenarios. That will allow you to move in more of a balance and to choose which scenario you wish to focus upon, and move from one to another but not to be distracting yourself.

Once you have chosen one subject to address to, be present with yourself in the now and allow yourself to hold your attention directedly with that one subject , not distracting yourself with projections of all of the other subjects, but allow yourself to follow one and accomplish some action with it. Even if you are not actually completing a direction, allow yourself to generate some actual accomplishment, some product of each one before moving to the next. You are incorporating very much distraction, but not productive distraction.

Elias speaks about the very important role of all communications available to an individual and if one wants to know more about what one is DOING in each moment - generating in each moment - one has to listen to all of these communications carefully.  That's why Jesus Christ said also: " They have ears but they hear not."  The problem of not paying attention to the communications is well known...

There are only Four Laws in Creation:

1. You exist.
2. The One is All and the All are One .
3. What you put out is what you get back.
4. Change is the only constant...

Except for the first three laws, which never change.